Feel the earthquake

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com This is a campaign without notice, and is not informed of a disaster.People go to work to work, attend school, to work, work, all the usual conduct of the.Suddenly, the sky split collapse, demons hit, a huge disaster, leaving 80,000 people from one world to another world, allowing millions of people homeless.At 2:28 on May 12, we are grassroots units and inspection work, sitting on the fourth floor conference room to talk.At this point, flashlight on the ceiling swung a few times, an old colleague said the earthquake; we are looking at the ceiling and then observed, at this time the seat mercilessly shake a few times, and everyone said in unison earthquake , they have left the seats, down from the fourth floor, stand in the yard talking about the earthquake: earthquake, shook certainly not light.Just because there is work, we will soon get on to the county rush.Just go out, they received a call from my father, said the earthquake, and asked us how kind; there I asked him how he was, he said, some walls caved in, two of them are working in the field, safe way to go.I was relieved, but the feeling is the father called and instead I played in the past, indicating that the father had experienced a major earthquake 70 years of the last century, in the end is more abundant life experience, it is stated that children traveling thousands of miles, concerns entirely, a father and son friendship, a deep warmth of my.I turned around and called his wife, mother and asked security, and gave his brother a call, but fortunately we are safe.At this time, we received a phone message, Wenchuan 7.8 earthquake (later revised to 8.0).Half an hour later, the Prime Minister has set out from Beijing, rush to the disaster area; people across the country and even the people of the world are casting their eyes here.Wenchuan, has since then not a place, but people all over the world a synonym for disaster.Earth-shattering disaster, the consequences appalling.Hundreds of thousands of our compatriots are buried deep in a collapsed under the floor, some have also been sliding down the slopes of pressure in the formation below ten meters.Armed forces, police and People’s Liberation Army rapidly advancing, launched a major rescue life.Chinese people around the world to donate blood donation, donate money to donate money, gratuities of gratuities.Since then, every day on television is also a story that people fight with the disaster, many people struggling to come back from the dead line; can make people cry is a bottomless pit, as well as 8.80,000 people, they might come back tomorrow, maybe never come back.Prime Minister to direct rescue people waving tears.He said that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will pay our utmost to achieve.I saw on television, on a pile of rubble, he picked up a student sports shoes, and a bag; can be brought back, and that youth is blossoming life, more than 1,700 teenagers permanently closed their bright eyes, this time his tearful.People around the world love to invest here, they love, comfort with one’s life to another world, but also a warm one live in this world people.On our unit from an afternoon donated nearly $ 80,000 payment sent to the disaster area; and soon everybody again in the form of special membership dues to the disaster area donated more than 30,000 yuan; my wife and children through the unit and school donated some money to the disaster area.People of all nationalities are the same, whatever, devote our love to the disaster area a part.Since then, aftershocks hit, people spent time and time again in the aftershocks terrified; some unbearable fear, have to go to the square and other places to avoid disaster.That night two together, there are still people on the ground across the sit-in, they heard about the earthquake, but still no shock, just sit for a night.The next day, people never go to prevention, the results of the spate of aftershocks hit.Is coming, people only looked upward, and so really react, but the earthquake has passed.Fortunately, here there are six or seven hundred kilometers away from the epicenter, and no major accidents.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) People always say learn from their mistakes.At this point I really think the pain is unclear undecided, the ruthless nature, simply do not allow people to think.While still in grief, I can only feel, feel the relentless disaster, bringing the impact on my thinking, as well as the shock waves Jingtao.I deeply feel the relentless disaster.That come nobody told strength and extremely cruel means, such as hundreds of thousands of ants, face extinction.Nature is nature, countless years of struggle with the world, not as a gently shaking the earth.A new administration should be made to scientific development, follow the laws of nature, construction and environment-friendly, resource-saving society, reducing the Earth unlimited looting and destruction, this time we feel how valuable Is ah.Xi Jinping during the Zhejiang administration, he led all anti-typhoon, he said the typhoon was anti However, the so-called anti-typhoon, is the typhoon’s time for us all to hide away point, such as typhoons in the past come back to build our homes, and therefore preserved hundreds of thousands of lives, Zhejiang people to still harbor a thankful heart.In recent years, our place, proposed to comply with the laws of nature, change autumn summer expansion, embark on a road to follow the laws of nature, according to low rainfall and centralized rule, a variety of potatoes, farmers embarked on the road to riches.We can not resist an earthquake, but we can avoid disaster.Sadly, thousands of years of human development, technological advances, but in earthquake prediction is either not reported or is reported not to shock, not like a baby blue pool report was accurate, so that people have been trying to hide does not figure go with.I deeply feel the human warmth.Xing Xing Xing Xing Xi, faced with the plight of the victims and our compatriots, every Chinese people, from the president and prime minister, down to the civilian population is the beggar, are courageously forward, threw all are loyal and brave, are loving the people as child, are as already considerate.Woe to the blessing of the Forest, and more difficult to make the country prosperous, the Chinese nation unprecedented unity, cohesion China than ever before, every Chinese people have sent a voice of their own.National day of mourning, lowering flags to half-mast for the first time as a civilian, and the United Nations flag and for this fall.Horn whine, cry grief day, people go to heaven, close your eyes and rest quietly.Disaster no mercy, face the dead compatriots, the Chinese sent biggest roar.It’s deep thinking after I deeply feel the disaster.Everything happened, lie in front of everything, of every people alive, stroking the remains of compatriots, thinking, thinking everything about nature, thinking about everything in life, thinking about all the future.Immersed in thinking among this endless, merciless nature, how life is too?Before the disaster, the official high official small, small power power, whether rich or poor, disaster tell people that all this worldly possessions; only, like most real, and that is good to be alive.People send each other the information, a reminder to cherish life, bless permanent peace.A disaster, so that people bent over backwards to return to the true life; from the people, had more pure, more treasure, more valuable, more meaningful.So, I kept feeling, feeling all desire and fear caused by the earthquake to people, people feel warm and lovely love, feeling people think of the universe, think of nature, reflections on life.Yes ah, to the people on the special nature of a lesson, a very profound lesson; during the weight, make people think about different.