Feel the share of snow

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com A heavy snow, to sudden and, since last night has been down to the day today, until now still were numerous, unhurried ground with.For this I like snow from the heart, kind of like when it snows brought gives warmth.Blizzard also just suddenly bring some disaster, street camphor has been creased, and therefore the air filled with thick aroma that wound its dissemination breath.    About snow, I wrote many words about it, just last year, also wrote for emotional expression is always endless snow, resembling that of human expression of love, how to write never finish.    Night should go to the store to chat about friends, good, I like the feeling of walking in the snowy night, to go way in the snow that is a Duan Lian, it is a pleasure.Just brilliant street lights, noisy people and vehicles, there is no sense of silent walking countryside.A sense of the kind of silence does not make you feel lonely, but feel empty heaven and earth, warm.Little, I used to walk alone in the snowy night, a man fell on a silver in the world, surrounded by a holy light snow, goo goo squeak squeak and uniformly wealthy section of Minato, the spirit is very excited.Distant lights will be appeals to the imagination, lamp, being mother and sister while doing needlework, while a nice chat, and neighbors.Little brother is no patience at home, I do not know where to crazy in a brighter future, but Big Brother is restless, the hands will be doing some manual labor at hand.Perhaps the mother is also in the endlessly talking, “heavy snow fall all the house could not stay, the cold, it’s terrible tumble down!”Today there must also be the same as the mother of the snow it, maybe now she was sitting in red fire bucket nagging Big Brother,” such a big cold days, I wonder if they can have huohong.”In fact, do not worry, no firewood carbon city, but there are electric fire barrels, air conditioning, power outages just can not.(Sanwen Chinese prose network WWW.sanwen.On the way home COM), remembered the hour mother said to my story.That year my father to visit relatives back home, heavy snow closed the door, lamp, fire bucket father sat reading, knitting mother in the side.Grandmother on his father some displeasure, “come back to accompany his aging mother does not talk, we do know with his wife.”Although all only human, not without the mother said angrily when these words.But I heard they are not born grandmother of gas, hand carved in the hearts from a deep impression, it is a painting, a “snowy night people” moving picture.Occasionally his mother would bring this up, but I think she must no longer tell their dissatisfaction with the grandmother of the year, but take a deep longing for his father’s passing.Today, our dead become more numerous and colorful, like this snowy night, neon lights, boiling anti-surplus days, everyone is in a hurry to walk, but remain in our hearts, our lives can be touched, and diligently aspire , or that snowy night in the quiet countryside and the warmth of knowing each other Xiangqi.