Outstanding female translator turned international swindler case documentary Oe

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com 2006 July 10, the Chinese Embassy in the United States to Hefei in Anhui Province Party Secretary Sun Jinlong transferred to a company from the United States Rolette letters, correspondence, said Mao Rui Import and Export Corporation Hefei suspected international fraud.Sun Jinlong given instructions immediately, requiring rapid Hefei Public Security Bureau cracked the case.After several days of fighting policemen, suspected fraud in Europe and America more than 30 companies from 13 countries of the 13 perpetrators were all brought to justice.2007 June 19, Hefei Intermediate People’s Court hearing the case the first time.When one of the principal Shufen was taken to court, everyone marveled.He Shufen used to be a good translator and teacher, how she degenerated into an international swindler it?I earn money to treat you this year is 28-year-old Shufen Luoyang City, Henan people, in 1997, graduated from Luoyang Agricultural College Business English Major.When sophomore, she got the English level 4 certificate, taking the various school English Contest winner.Upon graduation that year, a foreign scholar to visit the school, Shufen whole act as translators, foreign scholars praised for her spoken English.Mid-1999, Shufen got the opportunity to Henan Xiaolangdi project headquarters as a translator.In order to improve the professional level, catching her knowledge of English and related water projects.Hard work pays off, Shufen translation praise of foreign experts.A leader of the headquarters of her very appreciative, she has said she is recommended to go to Beijing to work after the completion of the project.Later, due to various reasons, Shufen did not go to Beijing, but her outstanding performance in the Xiaolangdi project, so that she became famous in his hometown.The project was over, she was a dredged the best local high school English teacher in a gantry, a monthly salary of 1000 yuan.The monthly wages of 1,000 yuan at that time already not too low, but Shufen was worried all day.Because of her husband and father had both hereditary diabetes, the annual light drugs will cost four or five million, the husband did not work, thanks to her to earn money to support their families medical treatment.WU Qing husband is a university graduate, fall in love, he has no disease.In the month before their wedding, WU Qing her aside and said: Angela, there are things I always wanted to tell you.My family has a genetic history of diabetes, grandpa, dad got sick, sooner or later I will get the disease.We break up Shufen seize fiance’s hand, gently asked: Do you still love me?WU Qing nodded heavily.Love is enough, what little sick what of the future, if you really incidence, I earn money to treat you, for you to honor father and mother.Fiance would like to say what, Shufen with a kiss blocked his mouth.Qing Wu fear will soon become a reality, it is the second month of their marriage.That morning, Shufen was correcting homework, her husband’s colleague suddenly called and said: Qing Wu’s eyes can not see!He Shufen hastily rushed to the hospital.The doctor said: WU Qing diabetic retinopathy caused.The doctor’s words is tantamount to bolt from the blue, she knelt in front of the doctor, ask him to save WU Qing.The doctor told her that the disease can only rely on drugs being pressed down, it intends to do long-term treatment may need a large fee.WU Qing hospitalized a few days, their 3000 dollar savings running out.After treatment, Wu Tsing eyes barely able to see things, he resolutely to be discharged in order to save money.Pro before discharge, the doctor said: This is only a temporary suppress the disease, once the termination of treatment, the possibility of very large blind.He Shufen even swore by all means, we should also cure her husband’s.After returning home only conservative treatment WU Qing, even so, he and his father have light medicine annual cost of tens of thousands.With the birth of her daughter, Shufen a person’s salary is not enough to cope with.Outstanding teachers strayed into fraud in 2006 in early March, are scrambling to borrow money Shufen, a company previously received a part-time manager at a phone call, the caller said, Hefei Rui-mao import and export companies need an interpreter on the phone, a monthly salary of two Qian, as well as good performance bonuses, would be willing to ask Shufen dry.He Shufen immediately agreed down.Three days later, she bid farewell to her husband and daughter, embarked on a journey to Hefei.Came to Hefei, Shufen found Mao Rui Import and Export Company located on the 6th floor of an office building, a young company there are about 20 employees, are equipped with a laptop per person, it looks quite formal.Liu Xiangyang, deputy general manager of the company Shufen go to the office and told her: Our company specializes in business and foreign customers, so you need a good English translation.Previously, we have recruited many college students, but not satisfied.You are introduced to an acquaintance, to stay on the first try, if well done, I will not ill-treat you.When Shufen asked what exactly do foreign trade business, the company, Liu Xiangyang said: You first came to the company, the first few days to adapt to the specific work I’ll tell you later.He Shufen Liu Xiangyang also arranged a dormitory, and are equipped with a laptop for her.A week later, Shufen puzzled why the staff all day just Internet?Once, she could not help but inquire about a colleague: What do we do business?Colleagues said coldly: You should not ask do not ask, managers own arrangements.March 12, 2006, Liu Xiangyang Shufen suddenly received a task assignment, so she went to the airport to meet an American customer.Liu Xiangyang said: a moment when the customer reception, you can use the ‘Li Zhen’ name, remember it?He Shufen puzzled, hurriedly asked: I have my own name, why is it called ‘Li Zhen’?Liu Xiangyang said: This is company policy that you did on the line.At the airport, Shufen met Mr. Frank Gore Ge US Rolette manufacturing company.When the two sides formally negotiate, Shufen learned that the company is ordered to the other copper filling pressure, and invited Mr. Ge Gore to discuss contract.Gradually, Shufen Liu Xiangyang always found very cheerfully agreed to offer other products, transportation, delivery time, etc..Just when about to sign a contract, Liu Xiangyang let Shufen remind each other: they can raise two points on the basis of the original offer, but we need 10 company laptop This is a common practice Shufen surprised in doing business in China, this is not openly to ask for a rebate it?Liu Xiangyang stare at her.Shufen fear of offending the manager, only to exactly translate his words out.Mr. Ge Gore was puzzled, but he was the first visit to China, thinking that this is the unspoken rules dealing with the Chinese people, so he agreed.After signing the contract, Mr. Ge Gore returned to the United States, began to wait Ruimao Gong Division prepaid call the next day, He Shufen arrived in the company, found that the office was empty.Just then, cleaners said to her: this company moved out last night night.He Shufen spent, Liu Xiangyang quickly dialed the phone, asked him why he moved?Why did not she notice?Liu Xiangyang said: I think you generally understand that we are doing, and if you are willing to come back, we warmly welcome.If you have other ideas, do not look for us in vain, I owe you pay will arrange for someone to hit on your bank card.You are not special cheat foreign money?You will get over it, and continue to do either with us, or go home when you go to the poor pedagogue.He Shufen never thought that he was being used, participated in the fraud.She much deliberation, with the intention to go back, but she answered the phone and heard her daughter cried at the other end, mingled with the old man’s cough bursts.It turned out Shufen left, the father on the disease.WU Qing told his wife: I’m going to go out looking for work, to earn money to cure his father.Do not, how can you go out and work your body?I have money to address, company managers appreciate me, and soon money.He Shufen subconsciously say this sentence.Hang up the phone, Shufen mind went blank.20:00 or so, Liu Xiangyang Shufen finally called the phone, Liu Xiangyang said excitedly on the phone over there: That’s right, behind me you will never lose.I guarantee that your salary is several times before.He Shufen knew, Swiss Mau Import and Export Corporation is actually the name of the foreign trade companies under the banner of fraud, they specialize in the following large orders as bait to cheat foreign fat negotiations, before signing the contract, changing nothing to the other party to ask for a rebate.Foreign employees are claiming to be the business manager, they have a certain level of foreign language, all day long on the Internet to find a suitable foreign companies, opportunistic fraud, as long as someone hooked, no matter what the other production, they have expressed interest in the loss of conscience 2006 before money May 27, Liu Xiangyang said excitedly, a US company took the bait Ming Jiaoou Brunei.This time he had to order copper precision press stamping grounds, succeeded in defrauding the trust of each other’s.April 11, 2006, on behalf of the United States Bill Irving Levin arrived in Hefei.Liu Xiangyang specially rented a Mercedes car to the airport, also arranged flowers Shufen.A grand ceremony to greet each other really confused.Isochronous Fair near the end, Bill suddenly asked Liu Xiangyang: Chinese factory producing similar products a lot, why be interested in our company’s products?Liu Xiangyang suddenly been asked to live, I froze there.He Shufen immediately took the words: Now logistics development, global market integration, and set your company’s products are also convenient, not to mention, our commission Fang Duigui company’s product quality more trust Shufen let Bill explain again and again wit nodded, relieved Liu Xiangyang.Soon, Liu Xiangyang and from there ask Bill to 80,128 yuan rebate.Liu Xiangyang to Shufen 800 yuan as a bonus.To recommend the latest information sauna