I!”Jiang Chuli That shot.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com Seeing the two of them they want to make up, they came outside voices.
“Su Yan!Su Yan!Fast to be spectacular!”
Jiang Chu face changed, and someone came immediately cast of the Soviet Union speech, turned around to hide out, the Soviet Union speech annoyed and said: “They’re almost to the front door you go out do you court death?”
Su Yan said, Lengheng soon, referring to the back room behind.
Su Yan is not trying to help her, but Jiang Chu a woman, she was married the woman, she is so in his house, that time Jiang Chu is a mouth can not tell, is it not the same as he was James a bad language?
Jiang Chuli that is hiding inside.
The group Gongzaigeer rear foot came in, led by a slovenly appearance, while laughing while waving a fan said: “Su words, how do you still here ah?We went with spectacular fast.”
Su Yan is now also a great deal of anger, snappily said: “See what drama?I’m not interested.”
“Do not interested ah, play, ah, certainly looks good!”Wen Zaifeng home can be considered rich people