Black to post without swearing word clarity of logic to refute the hopping of playing dumb, then they released the long microblogging a critic looks very professional-looking – “On Horch acting de change “.

浙江体彩61   Eloquent thousand words, from the first TV series debut Horch works Let’s talk about the role of people set to start from the analysis and the story itself, the lack of analysis of the Horch started his acting in the film and television, followed by the second part, third, each department, acting on his progress is evident.
  She did not shy away Horch defects and deficiencies in the early stages, and even carry out single jokes, but changed the subject, the next one works, you will find this defect has been up make up, just like bees nests, not finally close ventilate.
  In the end, earned him as the emperor of this work, “Fearless”, she is Xu Lusheng depth analysis of the character’s personality and background that illustrate the many fragments of the play to prove Ming Huoxi this role consummate the control.
  I do not avoid his shortcomings, is not stingy with his praise.This long microblogging written very pertinent professional, for all Horch works include MV, musicals are very familiar, almost seven years old from the powder in the years to see their own keep chasing shadows.
  Old powder a shot, you know there is no.Blessing of the Forest this microblogging has been issued,