It is not seen these days online call you those words, as if they finally found a chance to attack you.I see good upset.”

浙江体彩61   ”What are you upset?You’re not my wife.”
  Zhou vague teeth, “you do not say the word wife?”
  Zhou Lu seventy-one vague look up and down, “You are not also something to me?How wacky?”She did what style of character, transitory man does not know, because the network did not air on the network of violence like this.
  Zhou Miao head down, quite a while to open, “Xuan seedling other day and I said, someone in the school your candid photos and video, high-priced resale.I went to check the next, found Shen Ting Wan.”

Chapter 247 known
  ”Last night, para Star-Lord called me to say that online video is cut off, Shen Ting Wan dry.I do not know Shen Ting Wan is how to get.Do you think that this will be the lady slipper joint Shen Ting Wan do?”
  Lu seventy-one heard this, silent, the head tilt thought, “You worry about it, and I go near the other sex, there is no direct relationship Well?”
  ”.”Zhou vague silent pulling hair straight,” Now, sir, can you hear my speech is not focused!!!I really admire you!!!”
  ”My focus of attention is focused on talking to you!!”Lu seven weeks with a little vague,” Quick said!”
  After weeks vague bored tone, “I was worried you were in school, was pat, take a fuss.Poplar