Poor expression of intolerance to look, but finally lined up in a row, not seem a floor standing before the addition of the three groups.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   Ding Jiu Jiu eyes a screeching halt.
  Two seconds later, she again put the “fourth group” looked again, and then complain a little sigh, hold back the urge to cover their eyes.
  Next to Joe Bay and Yuan paintings also spotted.
  Joe Bay: “Cries.I how few to a few to go, big guy who just did not come?”
  Yuan painting nodded: “really did not come.”
  At the forefront of the team, Qin Mingyu face more tangled than they are.
  Against a list of comparison again, his face tangled asked to stand, “the fourth group of” first team Song handsome –
  ”You the group, told the students that” when cold ‘is not down yet?”
  Song handsome smiling, “reports teacher, he was asleep..You should get down.”

Chapter 16
  ”Reports teacher, his sleeping.You should get down.”
  He says this, standing there smiling handsome Song.Whether the action look, apparently showing a kind of did not mind.
  Song Qin Mingyu was handsome tone for granted that hold back a bit, face flushed, “This.This is a good layout Lu teacher ahead of time, how can.How can Kuang out?”
  ”I have no way ah.”Song Shuai smiled, raised his