ly pay.”Pei Yang Qing whisper, driving up the volume in my father’s question, the” No, I have nothing to say.”

浙江体彩61   Pei Naochun self convince his son: “So, this thing we 北京夜网have stuck, Yang Qing, you go back at night to find out your textbooks started to look at my father, to the time when you are my teacher, I do not ask you, you usually can test me also out of the question, but you can not be me to catch up with the progress, and that time a teacher, even students test, however, may lose face, but it does not matter, Dad I believe you can do it.”
  And so, sure enoug杭州桑拿h, he said, where there is a wrong.
  Pei Yang Qing highest state of alert immediately react, he squint squinting, quickly replied: “how is not it?Dad authors you have not heard what is called excel rather than blue?Even if you really are my students test better than me, is not a normal thing right?Our teacher often say, the happiest thing is to teach than their own good students of.”
  ”Moreover.”Pei Yang Qing feel like a father to see through the ruse, he could not help but smile,” you test better than I normally do not?Dad, you have to know, but you took 杭州龙凤网the people of junior high school diploma.”
  ”It’s all a matter of twenty years ago.”
  ”That, too.”Pei Yang Qing waved,” Besides, adults than children badly, it is not a normal thing?You do not often say that sentence, we have rice to eat more than you eat salt, you do well to normal!I am not ashamed, What am I ashamed of.As long as you do not mind my teacher of no use on the line, but Dad, ugly words in front of you, anyway, I books are empty, his head is empty, heaven help you obsessed with the text, you really expect me to teach you, I would wait to see it fraught.”He spread hand, a helpless look.
  Has been open to the car, Pei Naochun silent a moment, he could see his son say seriously, could not help but look back to the Pei Yang Qing: “reading, there is so hard to do?”He was the original body affect mood, and want to do not understand how this is like re