eyes of future generations, that is the extent of a wave of cards, but these small things Pei Yang Qing feel exceptionally familiar, most have bought him something similar style, will wear a rest day on.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   But now, Pei Yang Qing has refused to take these were attracted to his eyes locked Pei Naochun head that one spared styling hair, dyed a fashionable orange-red, made a similar hairstyle head of aircraft , the head of the hair up into a lump of fixed volume, behind’d pick up quite correct, if this is in the Pei Yang Qing, or a few friends surrounding him on the head, chances are he will blow the whistle at, 北京夜网shouted cool, be when these things on his own father’s head, but he only shouted one, what this stuff.
  ”You do not even know your father?”Pei Naochun son looked back, went through a day of self-destruction, his bottom line has been down so low, it started to feel funny, after all, can not be the only one who felt hot eyes.
  See the moment of his own father, Pei Yang Qing subconsciously bow, how he would describe his feelings too?on.His father usual style, and what a decent, even the key, he had to hang on a belt, walked a bunch of noise, soil off the kind of teeth, Pei Yang Qing have to tell the truth, he had secretly despise Dad’s style several times, even once thought about, so after he grew up, so Dad would not want to dress the dress, but this is not the same, so he wants to become father.
  This is simply not evolved, which i广州桑拿网s a variation, it does not take!
  Pei Yang Qing awkwardly hoist the mouth, the smile was very embarrassed, the moment he did not look up, absolutely refused to look at a father: “recognize, how could you not know it, but Dad, you in the morning is not the case.”Clear sky on the surface of his heart has become the cry of paintings villain.
  Pei Naochun already started the car, he and his son talk to breath easily, no matter every word he uttered was not heavily hit in his son’s heart: “Well, my father left the morning after it, thinking f