or a long time, I always want you to study hard, and you look like a classmate those, but never considered what you think.”

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   Green words Pei Yang listened very pleasing to the ear, nodded in his heart, he very much agree with, but it is also no solution of the problem, and my father深圳桑拿网‘s generation who are more “earth”, how will they understand fashion teen.
  ”Dad found that this ignorant lie to you read, is not solution to the problem, really want to solve the problem, it would have to understand the problem itself.”Pei Naochun looked like what is published in an important speech, very杭州夜网 focused,” Now is not a very popular vocabulary yet?The generation gap, said a three-year gap, the difference between me and you can have eighty-nine generation gap, even the communication is very difficult, so, like a good father, I decided first to learn from you, closer to you, and you unison, really understand your voice.”
  Yes, Pei Naochun PLAN B is named for the “fire with fire” program, which nothing can save you my child?Of course, is to let you see, you now how hot pursuit of these people’s eyes, so after you grow up, thanks to his father’s will :).
  ”So, you mean.”Pei Yang Qing feel even talk becomes difficult.” You get these, and I have to move closer to me to learn?”He could not believe his ears, he is not willing to admit that all of this is occurring because of his.
  ”Of course, son, you’re smart, you guessed it.”Pei repl都市体验网ied briskly tone Naochun.
  - No, you are so obvious, it is a fool’s guess?Also, I simply do not want to guess.
  Pei Yang Qing could not have been maintained even smile, he looked stiff shoes, Hehedexiao twice: “Dad, what are you from start to finish, quite fully equipped, ah.”
  ”That is not!”Pei Naochun and son show off it did not stop,” you these clothes and shoes, and I do not buy it mostly?I followed your favorite brand, as it is to buy a copy, but some models do not sell now, and I bought almost.And this hair, the hair stylist and I’m wondering together