quite a long time, he told me that y’all like it a distinct color, what purple, green, red, orange, the more conspicuous the better.”

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   ”No, Dad, can I have this hair is not quite understated yet?I think Brown would have been enough.”Pei Yang Qing tried to dissuade my father Mituzhifan.
  ”You forget, not the last time you and I talked?I say you go to a junior high school students to dye your hair, not decent, do not respect the school rules,苏州夜网 you and I say, you are to respect the school rules before this, no matter if the school you want to dye for sure what a green, yellow, to whom At first glance you can see.”
  Ok.There seems to be such a thing, Pei Yang Qing vaguely dug such a passage from memory, he deeply felt that he simply is shooting itself in the foot.
  Da苏州桑拿d, you are my own father, I am talking about my own hair!I did not say you, do you hear me?I did not say you, what do you dye!
  Of course, these words unspoken Pei Yang Qing, just this time the red light, and my father just looked back at him, he just looked up at my father can see that look in the eyes with dazzling hair: “are very good, very good.”
  Pei Naochun very satisfied: “Dad know you’ve liked, I feel that you and a friend play, came the trend, my head or reference planes that you often play with friends to do, I recommend a hair stylist gave several good, what Mohicans, and shaved his hair style lightning.”
  Enough, enough is enough.Pei Yang Qing Thank God, The feeling my father chose a relatively normal that in many modeling.
  He finally wait any longer, take the initiative sent rejection signal: “Dad, you want me杭州桑拿网 to know what you can say and I direct, I do not know silence, without reserve, do not worry, I will not hide, these do not have it.”He paused, this time, every time my father’s nagging, he is indifferent to the face, or as a direct rebuttal ending, but today, he has suddenly become soft, very kindly and accosted his father, “dad, I know this is your mind, I understand.”
  Pei Pei Yang Nao