chun from the rearview mirror to see the green throes of expression, but like a good father like him.Of course not agree to his son’s request.

浙江体彩61   He put acting, to put focus on: “I told you before, this is completely different and you, I have thought about it before the masses have to say in our management company, also want to know understand the voices of employees, and when my father, but never you do not control, do not worry Yang Qing, you have to believe my father, no difficulty we can not overcome, I will definitely painful effort, understand that you are now popular things, but also understand you the idea now!I know you are afraid that Dad not happy right?Do not worry, I really feel very good.”
  ”.”Pei Yang Qing looked at my father, his mouth open and shut, while, actually 杭州夜网silent, one can not find any words to respond, no, Dad, not what you can not overcome the difficulties, I, I single watching you this style, think again bring disastrous consequences of all this is me, I felt hopeless, desperate thieves, no longer happy is not up.
  ”Well, we will not discuss this topic.”Pei Naochun mood light, happy people, most of the time is always based on other people’s suffering, to see his son so unhappy, he will feel flattered,” This thing is so laid down, but Next, Dad needs your help so that I can learn as you all-round, in-depth understanding of the idea of you young people.”
  Pei Yang Qing feel their souls have been released into the atmosphere leave, just nodded stupidly, should be significantly better, but in his heart began to roar up, Dad, why do you want?Why in the end you still want?But he also how to persuade, could not persuade, simply could not persuade.
  Pei Yang Qing suddenly had an idea, he immediately raised their hands against: “Dad, can you do, go to the company, I am afraid that people think you are strange.”
  ”This is how what.”Pei Naochun hearty laugh or two,” I remember you and I say it, go its 苏州夜网论坛own way, let people say to forget!If people ask, I