r to the template, there is a kind of mold, you can see how, how feel strange Finally, he readily copied the communication number, but was shocked to information after the jump, and saw that behind a series of numbers, but also friendly with small print marked packet, on top of the word of their loved ones, to the moment he was nervous.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   No way?Certainly will not!Certainly not the case!
  Pei Yang Qing carries a tense mood, open the packet carefully place their loved ones: “aunt, cousin, cousin in.”After the investigation, the results of th苏州夜网e most unlikely, the answer will become.
  It was his father, the kind hundred percent pro.
  Pei Yang Qing head about to drop on the table, issued a crisp sound, the feeling of his heart, his life completely a problem!

Chapter 151 non-mainstream my son (seven)?(nine)
  Has won much of the night outside, cell Wan Lai stillness, only from time to time I do not know where to cats and dogs sounds echoed, most home lights have been shut off, and into all quiet, like a tired day it finally sleep.
  Pei Yang Qing lying in bed tossing and turning, if turned on the light, will be able to under the bright lights, to see him frowning now also maintained the state seems to be in a dream saw something not quite right scene, his hands and feet move along casually, as if trying to break free from the dream.
  Pei Yang Qing just feel unexamined, stupidly forward head, sitting in his father on the front of the table, these days he chose a new model, and now it is purple hair, perm did not forget about it, and perhaps pick a little hair, looks a length not less, an explosion in the state, if have to use what word to describe this hairstyle, and that probably杭州桑拿 only a child read the “Dragon Ball” anime Monkey King and others to express the style, Yes, yes, that is so explosive.
  ”Dad, you face.”Pei Yang Qing swallowed, hard to swallow food put down the bread,” which in the end is what?”He felt an unprecedented sense of headache hit him.
  ”You mean my face t