hese?”Do not know day from the beginning, my father long gone weekdays majesty, but very affectionate, like a classmate Pei Yang Qing around, I saw Pei Naochun to just being a mirror shine down, revealing the whole picture.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   PEI now has the same Naochun bangs over the eyebrows, it is neatly caught became triangular appearance, sideways blocking half an eye, the other straight confusing Kan Bukan get the road ahead, the other part, supposedly the and as usual, but now they seem particularly “unexpected”, and the father does not know who is asked to makeup tips, use is not clear eyeliner pencil or watercolor, short circle around the eyes, around the black thread, seem the effect of big eyes and bright, some eyes, the black and white, serious look to when, just like eyeball to fall, 北京夜网it was enlarged with a sheet after.
  Stylish yet?Pei Yang Qing heart full of grievances, supposedly this is clearly his weekdays in pursuit of the coolest style, why according to the father’s body, so it is wrong?
  If the face, and my father is actually not old, tidy up, do not look carefully thought it was the twenties and南宁夜生活网 thirties, and they did so this is a huge gap; if the body, and my father has always been fitness, muscle often , even better than his stature; mere copycat if to say, my father than he had the money to have leisure, and what a full set of science, not a drop.
  May in the end is not where it?
  Pei Naochun listen to the voice of his son’s gone, no smile, mouth kept down, coldly explained: “This is the last of the clan who sent me that picture now popular, so be make-up, then close the chin Wang Litou , directed shots, I took a few, do you want to use my pictures do avatar?”His words are strongly recommended, can tone but always cold.
  ”.No, it is not.”Pei Yang Qing reluctantly declined father’s kindness, he felt on his forehead have appeared in a number of small droplets of sweat,” I am the head, very good, really good.”
  Oh 北京风月网yes, he remembered, the father followed him to j