that box quite heavy, be careful not to hit the feet.”

浙江体彩61   Shen Yu put away the box, suddenly remembered a few days ago after drinking Shen Xiao said those remarks, so they ventured to ask Uncle Li, “my brother said I was in high school, he had time to drink, put my feet injured, and this is something I can not quite remember how?”
  Uncle Li frowning thought, said: “What times?I did not impressed.”
  Shen Yu stare, shot after a clean hands, quickly said: “I would not say he said at the time, was later found you, you gave me to the hospital.”
  Uncle Li confused, said: “What with what, I do not remember how it happened, he was drunk, illusions, right??”
  Shen Yu face while plainer, also followed a heart sank.
  That night, Xiao Shen was not drunk, he himself admitted in.
  So he was talking about those remarks, deliberately edited out, as to why he made out the case, she should want广州桑拿 to cheat it.
  At that time he said, she is skeptical, but he later moved out of Uncle Li, she believed, would follow in his words, may never expected him those remarks, in fact, it is a trap!
  Shen Xiao is not already discovered what??But if what really found it a few days later, the two still sweet as usual, his attitude towards her, it did not change, which is why??Could it be in anything, she carefully observed it??
  Shen Yu really can not think down.
  If let him know that he wore the original owners of the skin, Pianchipianhe even, finally feeling cheated!He would not angrily, she will lock up some beaten?
  How should we do now that she?Shen Xiao directly to the showdown, or pretend to know nothing?
  Uncle Li remained until finish dinner to go back, but failed to meet Shen Xiao, thought he was there to socialize tonight.
 北京夜生活 Shen Yu few days has been to Shen Xiao and other doors, but before each door and so on, the mood is carries a hint of sweetHoney and expectations, both men busy day, at night it a little alone time, regardless of do something, as long as tired together, you will feel happy