Looking at the balcony looking over the outside is a beach, not far from the sea, but also to see people play in the water in the sea.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   I have to say, pretty good environment.
  Just two people seated downstairs that middle-aged woman and a middle-aged man came up, Wu smoke from the point of view of the two had similar round face, this is a husband and wife.
  ”Shen, I heard Ame you’re here, you quickly come up with say a few words.”The man laughed honest, when to see Wu smoke, nodded his head.
  That Jiao Emei woman holding a cloth to clean the table, “This is Shen fiancee, looks more beautiful ah.”
  Wu said with a smile smoke “You call me Wu smoke on the line.”
  ”Miss Wu Hello, You can call me Fung.”The middle-aged man said hastily, 深圳桑拿网did not directly call Wu smoke.
  Wu smoke is not too concerned, we can see that the couple are very clear and the meaning of respect Shen.
  Ah Cawan down on the table, this middle-aged man touches and Shen Qing Yue said two words, Shen said before leaving Vietnam is not clear or that third kind.
  Shen Qing Yue nodded his head, and gave Wu smoke point copies seafood soup, and a crab what seems to be the Lachao.
  Wu smoke several times before eating seafood, which is in Haicheng and clear and a sink eat.Seafood is the last generation have never met, but she’ll eat crab, after all, they also have traditional Jinling extend their.
  She certainly do not think the point is clear Shen crab, since the sea, the sea that are certainly eat crab.
  She sat on the more clear and Shen, Wu cigarette with one hand propped his chin, watching the sea in fact not apparent.
  Across the river is a high-rise after another, from the plane she discovered that side of the high-rise buildings comparable to a lot of Haicheng.
  Shen also clear and relaxed by sitting in a chair, sea breeze.
  ”You often come to the store before,” Wu smoke hair tied up and blown save was always flying around.
  Shen Qing Yue nodded, “Just in Shenzhen, when no money, time and a few partners come here to eat seafood.With the boss are old acquaintances.”
  Wu smoke suspicion, just an old acquaintance, people certainly will not set aside balcony.
  ”Later this he is to be levied, then this is not the building, is a small Menlian.I gave him solve the problem, then invest a little mone佛山桑拿网y, so he re-built a floor.”
  ”This ah, this is not the boss of you” Wu smoke blinked.