Zhao Aiguo go to jail has not come out, so she and her two children, compared to the proud few days ago, and now the Yang Yanju seemed very frustrated, derailed her husband also lost his job in jail, only to go to work every day after Zhao Aiguo the.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   Be a youth, working children will not do this, it also works points and almost Yang Yanju.
  Nothing to look forward to, and fortunately sensible obedient sons, the eldest son Zhao Zhiwen exam last year, it was top of my class!
  ”Did he really say?I thought it was such a pass into the human village.”Yang Yanju after listening to the words of Joe Smith frowned wife.
  ”it is true !You really say so, or he casually said?”
  Yang Yanju can not tell, she does not hate Wen Ze only ruined his family, as a woman, but her heart with some gratitude, but for Wen Ze only remind her that her life could be Zhao Aiguo hiding in the dark.
  Now Zhao Aiguo lost his job, lost his face, after what she said the other had to listen to their own, not because the teacher did gradually arrogant up, after Zhao Aiguo are grasping her tightly in his hand, let him do what to do!
  This text is happy Ze only credit, so Yang Yanju like a long time, or did not find each other afterwards.
  ”Look at it, you can not tell me about it is 苏州夜网that he counted out or look out.”
  Zhang wife looked haggard yard slapstick children, “If that thing really left her mother he should say, and my family is afraid that hole this year.”
  ”This is not the result of it yet?Besides, Wen Ze said he was just everything was not right, did not say he would die.”Yang Yanju if that did not comfort arrival three gossips.
  Just when Wen Ze only nest in a bookstore reading, busy working the horses also willing to facilitate and production team.
  ”Ze it, you feel a bit can be admitted to grasp?”
  Wong tilted his legs, while drinking tea set off across the eyelid to see Chak review the text before.
  Wen Ze practice only one side write the title, while the back, “There is no certainty, but I think if I had not admitted this year, next year will be more difficult.”
  Wong nodded, “Indeed.”
  This year is the reopening of the first year, most people are ready to nothing, cramming people everywhere, consider these questions might fall from the sky points of difficulty; and next year guys have prepared, and that questions will naturally be harder.
  See text Ze was put down his pen, ready to get up to go to a good income just to win the guest books, cough Qing Wang boss said, “Ze was ah, you look at me today how this fortune?”
  Wen Ze just turned and looked at him, his face with Dan Xiao.
  Wong Seeing come up with a dollar from his pocket and handed it over, “must be quasi-ah.”