Wen Ze only smile deepened, took the money, “the boss today, it is a blind date?”

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   Wong blushing nod, “No way, older teens, the family elders worry, which, like you have a young family, the children are so big.”
  He does have a bit of envy.
  Wen Ze only will it up and then looked at the king boss for a while, he took out a piece of paper and a pen, “you write a word, I Cece.”
  Wang was going to gracefully face the boss surprised a moment, “write?Do not look at the face?”
  ”Today do not look, let’s go,” Wen Ze was motioned him to pen.
  After Wong scratched his head, looked at the pen and paper in front of his face and looked at it carefully Wen Ze, told last thought his aging mother, or the bite picked up a pen to write a “wife” word.
  ”All right.”
  Wen Ze just picked up the paper and looked at the wife of word eyebrow slightly, which Wong is more like a wife ah?
  Also some distress Wong loudly, “how?”
  Wen Ze put down the paper, “when you start to write down the first word in fact not want the wife of the word, but to do things the word, but the thought of home and the subsequent expectations of today should do the back, you turn slightly stroke replaced by the word wives.”
  Wong heart was shocked, his lips moving slightly, but did not speak.
  Wen Ze wife that she pointed to the bottom of that word, “The Maid of the last, you charge very short, you are very anxious, something his wife and eager to turn ending, boss, you are not into this thing today but you will become very good friends there are friends.”
  Wong and his face slightly heavy, not only because the text Chak words, but not if it is really because of this, the family would not know what to downtown.
  ”What it another way?”
  Since it can become friends, we must have a common topic, the topic can not find the time to have people out for a stroll chat about it?Wong’s eyes lit up.
  Wen Ze but can only shake his head, “after their boss or see it come back to ask this question.”
  Wong did so.
  Th佛山桑拿en he was back in the afternoon Jichong.
  ”My Mother ah!Really scary!”