Wong while stroking his chest while road.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   Wen Ze just did not ask why, but just what the busy busy, Wang boss belongs to this kind of person, then TB, and now no one bookstore, so do not ask him, he himself said barabara up.
  ”That girl looks really good, but this really is not temper like a girl, speak carelessly did not say, but also particularly straightforward, you know what she asked you?She actually asked me before what I like most of those other a.Also asked me why I like.”
  Wong said he sighed, “This is nothing, met on the road a uncle fell down, she put up a vigorous man back up.”
  ”That uncle also fatter than me ah!”
  Wong address him what is this girl ah, it is simply a man wrong tire thing!
  ”So, you finally become friends yet?”
  Wong surprised a moment, and finally nodded his head, “It is finished, drank two glasses of wine.”
  ”That you want to rever北京体验网se the current situation about?”Wen Ze was asked, laughing.
  Wong’s head shook and rattle general vexation quickly, “can not not, it is so very goodI could not believe the woman in the photo actually has over fifty years.
  It looks like that figure, even if not an exaggeration to say three years old, while standing beside her gentle eyes, facial features Li Ting men also seem to eat not old elixir of life in general, and exactly twenty years ago on the news media.
  However, make friends were shocked not just this age freeze couple of more news content itself.
  Zhou Wanxing daughter to the future price of dowry dismissed simply so that we would have been unthinkable.
  ”1.8 billion, also add billions in annual revenues of the company, the Mu Mu [smile]”
  Under “lemon on lemon fruit, lemon you and me.”
  ”Should not be a big check to let the girl leave Jiang Yin then it?Why is it so smoothly married in, and I ache.”
  ”Upstairs, dramas are lies, we still honestly eating lemon good.”
  ”My goodness lifetime, then knock sugar and Jiang Huan Zhou Wanxing, the first time in two decades but still they knock to her son and sugar, really sweet family nurtured child will be a nice sweet, best wishes!”
  LI Xia turned the comments of friends, find online and do not have any negative comments, because the media broke the news out of hand, then ran and love experience the stars, and a lot of wild pink circle.