We all feel the love between childhood is the most beautiful and pure, worthy of being a blessing.

浙江体彩61 www.wpykk.com   In this way, the sound of everyone’s blessing, and then ran stars held a romantic wedding.
  After the wedding the couple will honeymoon abroad, while at this time, just by virtue of their adult sister honors are ideal college admissions.
  Schools good school, my sister and classmates and friends get along very harmoniously, over time, also have their own favorite people.
 无锡夜网 LI Xia looked at her daughter in a happy look of love, and he is happy to follow, and to share some of her experiences in love, and the father Jiang Huan is more crazy.
  Their intimate small cotton-padded jacket, palm baby is even brats to the eye.Previous heart Dad baby daughter ranked first, but now actually let him step aside, how this line!!!
  If the other is a big sub-trotters, just for the sake of their own daughter’s beauty and how to do money?
  Daughter face emotional problems, make the brain becomes second emperor of Jiang Huan thought of all sorts of possible damage to the possibility of their own daughter, they feel that they can not sit still, you want to be thoroughly investigated each other’s man.
  Fortunately, according to his survey situation, the boy was honest, upright conduct also, endowed with both, t杭州桑拿he most critical is the other did not know the true identity of his daughter, it was not close to her daughter with a purpose.
  End check these fears Jiang Huan’s only a little relief, but this does not prevent him to continue to observe the boy.
  Anyway, these brats if you dare hurt his baby daughter, that he absolutely does not promised.
  But fortunately the perfect daughter inherited her mother’s looks and her father’s wisdom, vision is very precise Man.The boy has been very good to my sister, but they also go well into the marriage hall after graduation.
  LI Xia looked at children have set up their own small family, and lived the easy life of happiness, completely put a heart.
  LI Xia 55-year-old that year, then ran 31 years old, the years he was growing by leaps and bounds, as early as you can already work independently, so LI Xia and Jiang Huan chose the name of the management of the entire industry to Ran Ran, of which they will choose Traveling the world, when young because the cause of the delay and the children go on a journey all over again.
  Oddly enough, the same names of each of the world show off their wealth system, LI Xia thought it was completely simulate the real world to come, I did not expect them just the same names only, the landscape is completely different.
  So for those who like traveling LI Xia, each for her world is full of freshness.
  But even if there is no novelty, she felt happy, because at this time to accompany the people around her trip is not the same.
  LI Xia and Jiang Huan in the afternoon when the chat had asked the other party, after the meeting you want to leave or leave.
  Jiang Huan answer is hoping to leave after LI Xia.